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We will embrace again

All of us in the Gilmar family would like to convey a message of calm in this exceptional situation by appealing to people's common sense. It is the best weapon we have to defend ourselves against this pandemic.

The state of emergency having been ordered, we are convinced that solidarity must prevail in the way people think and act. As a company, all we can do is put ourselves at your disposal with all the means within our reach.

We have decided that the best way to spend these days of working in isolation is to provide you with the full potential of our best-in-class technologies applied to property marketing. At ‘’ you will find tools you can leverage to ‘visit’ your dream home any time you like, just as if you were there… but from your favourite electronic device or even with VR glasses such as Oculus, Google card, etc. We have over 800 properties with a '3D showcase'. If you haven't tried this experience yet, see an example at this link.

All of us at Gilmar are technologically equipped and poised to continue providing you with the exclusive service that sets us apart, advising you over our phone-based webchat, by email or videocall. You can even sign off on transactions digitally.

Continuing to work and research

Because we looked into and put cutting-edge technology in place years ago we can now lead the way in researching new tools to enhance client experience from the first very time you log on to the website. Very shortly we are going to improve in an area that was until recently considered impossible to improve.

We invite you to check out our website and discover why Gilmar is ready to cover any needs you may have, in even the most challenging of times. We are connected.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff and tell us how we can help you. And as we move forward… there will be less, and less time left until we can embrace again.

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