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Reinvent your dream home

Now is the time.

We are facing this new challenge together,

reinventing our homes.

At Gilmar we know what your home can do for you,

so to make it the very best place to be right now,

try turning it into ….

A crazy dancefloor,

your new school,

a spa to relax in,

an outdoor gym.

Now, more than ever,

we’ll help you reinvent your dream home.


with you all the way.

We continue to focus on people, because at Gilmar we are also people. And we want to help all those who trusted in us. That’s why we have been working with the Kanlli agency to make a video featuring some of our team.

A school, a spa, a gym…. These videos have been made by some of the members of our Gilmar family. Just like you, we are at home, but we have the technological tools to accompany you and advise you regarding any queries or unexpected situations you find yourself in.

We are all facing the challenge of ending this pandemic as best we can. Over the last 37 years, we’ve accompanied thousands of clients, who are now friends. Our aftersales service is also here to meet your needs. We are still doing it now. And we will continue to do so when, together, we beat this virus. With you all the way. Shall we talk?